We’ll be adding to this page as time goes by with helpful hints and video tutorials to help you improve your surfing skills and handy reminders of the things covered in your lessons.

Video Tutorials

Here are some handy videos to help reinforce what you learnt in our lessons. These are the skills covered in our two lesson and four lesson packages.

Surfboard Buyers Guide

It’s difficult buying your first surfboard. There are so many different sizes, shapes and models out there. Which one is best for you? This handy guide will hopefully help your decision making process and don’t forget our instructors are always happy to give you some personal board advice during your lesson. Plus we have all sorts of boards to hire so you can try before you buy.

Beach guide / Surf Map

There are heaps of good places to surf around Christchurch. Scarborough is the most consistent for beginners but check out our beach guide with the other spots worth checking and the conditions that they work best.

Wetsuits 101

Learn everything you need to know about wetsuits from our friends at Seventhwave.

The Surfers Code

There are some unwritten rules out in the surf to avoid collisions and ensure everyone gets a wave. Remember the basic rule of one surfer per wave and if you’re paddling back out its your job to get out of the way of someone riding on the wave.