Surf Report

There are a variety of Surf reports and Camera’s that you can use to check the surf conditions. They’re not always acurate and some times its best just to head to the beach and check it yourself.

We do a daily report on our Instagram and Facebook page so follow us for daily up dates.

Surf Cam’s

There are several camera’s around ChCh. They’re great because you can get a live visual. Waves often look smaller in the image and if the photo’s taken at the wrong time it can look flat, check several image loads to get a better idea.

Sumner Surf Cam

Sumner Surf Cam. View of Scarborough looking toward Cave Rock.

Sumner Surf Watch

Sumner Surf Watch. Hd video of Scarborough

taylors webcam

Taylors Cam with streaming video


Weather Forecast

met service logo
Metservice is the best. Click on the logo for a link to the Marine forecast for ChCh. Good for winds, weather and tides. Swell forecast not so good.

WINDY.COM Awesome graphical weather and swell forecast for the world

Surf Forecasts

Wondering what the surfs going to be like in a few days time. You can use these sites to check the forecast. Again they’re not always acurate especially with our changeable weather. Some sites are a little basic, we like the more detail the better. They take a while to learn to read them and work out what they mean in terms of waves at the beach but once you get them sussed they’re a great tool. Note : Most of the forecasts miss the little wind swells that create fun waves on ChCh beaches. Their rating systems can be misleading.

Marine Weather

A good graphics based forecast site for several ChCh beaches.


We use this site ourselves but it can be difficult to understand and you need to subscribe to get the full details. But it is the best once you get the hang of it.